RICOCHER Davide Arecco

Could you please tell me a brief history of the band?

Ricocher started as a cover band (like so many bands do). After some time we wrote enough songs of our own and we decided to play only our own songs. This was in 1993. Firstly we played in the local pubs. To get more gigs we decided to record a demo tape. This was "A Scream for Help". This gave us more exposure in our neighbourhood. After some years it was time to record something new and we decided to record a mini-album that could help us with the promotion of Ricocher. Just for fun we sent this album to the Arena fanclub and to our surprise we were asked to be the support act for Arena on their fanclubshow. More and more promo's were asked by several internet sites and magazines in the Netherlands and abroad. This way we managed to get some interesting gigs. In 2002 we recorded our second album "Cathedral of Emotions" and due to this album we got a lot of new gigs, e.g. In the UK, France and at the Mexican Baja Prog Festival. In 2004 Ricocher recorded their last album Chains and once again it was widely reviewed very positive.

What are the greatest passions that influenced your music research?

Most of us started listening to Marillion and this way were drawn into the progressive music more and more. Bands I often listen to are Marillion, Arena, Threshold, Pendragon, Dreamtheater and Ayreon.

According to you, what does playing prog today signify? Particularly, is there time for neo-prog today?

It's the kind of music we like to play and fortunately we are able to play quite an amount of live gigs. It takes a lot of time before we do get these gigs. But all these efforts seem to work. The bookers are getting to know us and when we mail of phone them again, they know us and it's easier to play again.

The Dutch scene has always been a good one, sometimes very good: in the past Taurus, Arkus, Coda, Differences, The Last Detail, Egdon Heath, Flyte, FAF, Plackband, Van Otterdyke... And now?

There are a lot of bands playing. FAF, Plackband and Kayak are still playing and a lot of new bands are finding it's way to the different stages as well, some examples Casual Silence, Knight Area, Splinter. With some of them we got a lot of contact because it seems a good idea to do a lot of double gigs.

Your next gigs and future programs?

Up till now we've got the upcoming gigs: 20th May 2concert with Casual Silence in de Tavenu/Waalwijk (NL) 3rd July at the music cafe Downtown/Gemert (NL) August 13 at the Slottskogen Goes Progressive Festival in Gotheborg (Sweden). We're starting writing new material and hope to record a new album in 2006 or 2007. And of course we hope to play a lot of gigs in the upcoming time.

Do you plan to release a live album?

Not yet. Maybe when the occasion arises. But it takes a lot of effort and money to record a live album (or DVD). And a lot of things can go wrong during a live gig.....:-).

What will be your next album?

We don't know that yet. We've just worked out the first new song and started on the second one. In the mean time I'm writing and working out the basic ideas I already have, so they can be arranged by the band in the next months.

In the mid-nineties too many groups (in Holland too, i.e. Cliffhanger) used to play mellotron and analogic sounds; what do you think about the use of old and new technologies in art rock?

I like the Moog sound, but unfortunately I simply can't pay a decent Moog... The new synthesizers are very easy to use and the samples are really good.

Three (or four) definitions for your style?

Progressive Rock. The most important is the song itself not the solo's that might appear. A mix of the music the bandmembers seem to like.

How was the reaction of the European public to your three cd's? Did "Chains" have success?

Up till now most of the reviews are very positive. And we sold a reasonable amount of albums already. Chains is selling better than "Cathedral of Emotions" and "Quest for the Heartland" which means that more and more people starting to know and like Ricocher. We surely hope this will continue in the future!!