TRESPASS (ISR) Jessica Attene & Alberto Nucci

Their first album "In Haze of Time", published in 2003, pleasantly surprised Prog fans of everywhere; the second one, released more than three years later, not only confirms what we positively appreciated, but it goes quite beyond expectations. When we listen to such a beautiful work many are the questions that we would want to make the musicians, in order to understand if those feelings of yours correspond to the vision that the group had intention to communicate. Gil Stein, keyboard player and main composer of the band, seems though a very shy person, who does not love to get lost in words, the result of the interview is a little disappointing and the answers are those that everyone of you could have given. Then let the music talk for him

Why so a long time passed after your debut album? What happened during these four years?

Differently from our debut CD, which was recorded passionately and very fast, in "Morning lights" we took the time to explore our sound and develop the material a bit more. It didn't take us a long time to play it or technically producing it rather than the fact that it took us more time to clarify to ourselves musically and emotionally the things we wanted to say.

You choose a very particular picture for "Morning Lights" cover: what's its meaning? Is there any connection to the content of the CD?

We felt connected to this particular painting at the moment we saw it. We think it captures this CD's atmosphere, in that manner that it is an integrate part of it. The painter Howard Fox is a unique artist and a special person.

Despite you are just three you manage to create a very rich sound: did you ever think to add new musicians to the band? Maybe a guitarist, for example? Do you have troubles playing your music live?

Trespass grew up naturally during the years with that concept which eventually created its own sound. Nevertheless, we might host different musicians in our next album...
Our shows are the places where we love to get wild... our live acts has a much more free feel, every show sounds slightly different. While our albums contains some productive musical layers, the shows contains much more energy of a power trio…

I find fascinating the opening of the title track, especially the choice to put some sequences in reverse way, almost like you wanted to give the impression to turn yourself back and remember the past: all this inspires me a strange sense of melancholy. What kind of effect did you want to create and how the idea was born?

The piece "Morning Lights" takes us emotionally very far. When we played it in our shows we started it with a majestic drum ramble which gives a very energetic intro. In the album we wanted to start it "out of nowhere"...we wanted to enter the piece from an emotional far point. The reverse effect connected us to a cathedral spacey feeling.

Are the lyrics of "Morning Lights", very romantic and melancholic, inspired by a personal story or is it just fiction?

Although Morning lights lyrics are not addressed to a specific person, It is not exactly a fiction, It describes some mental mixture of different experiences...

In your music many influences are recognizable and many of them take back to classical music: do you feel inspired by any particular author?

We all have a classical music background ,of course we are inspired by composers we grew up on such as Bach, Vivaldi, Hayden, Mozart etc.

Your music sounds strongly vintage and makes oneself think to Progressive rock of the Seventies: is it a precise choice to reproduce sounds from the past? Do you think of yourselves as a derivative band or do you think that it is possible to be original even being inspired by the past?

We are not trying to imitate any sound or time aesthetics. Our music and our sound grow naturally from different influences but we never try to characterise it in any specification. So, it might be impossible always to invent the wheel, but our own twist is always there...

Is your music appreciated in your country? Do you have followers?

Our audience in Israel is great, very loyal and supportive.

Do political facts of your country and the continuous tension you can breathe in the air in Israel influence somehow your way to make music or is it for you just a "getaway from reality"?

For us, our music is a peaceful silent home, far from any conflict between human beings.

After the release of your debut album you took part to Baja Prog Festival in Mexico: what do you remember of that experience? Have you ever had other opportunities like that one?

Baja prog festival is an enormous festival, it is very eclectic and its atmosphere gave us the feeling of a small heaven for prog lovers. It is surely bringing the crowed and the artists into a high point of the prog scene... We had a great time meeting and sharing our music with musicians and audience from all around the world. For us it was very special to meet Thijs Van Leer , which is an exceptional musician and human being. Afterwards we were invited to play in several music festivals in Europe, and we had a great time performing at Prog Farm festival in the Netherlands.

What do you expect from this new album?

We hope that people will enjoy it, for us its the best wish...